Create it with paper: Birthday card


A while back a friend of mine asked if I could give her some ideas on a birthday card for a 8 year old boy. She had once  mentioned that one has to have all these gadgets in order to make a card like the ones I make. So when I designed this card for her, I kept that comment in mind and used only papers, adhesive and things that most people have or are easy to find.  And here is the card that I made:

8th Birthday

I started with a print out of number 8, using the font Calibri, bold and size 550. Adhered the number with re-positionable tape onto gray card stock and cut it out:


I also cut a small extra link and taped it to the back were the link was missing:

DSC_0062  DSC_0063

Next I added the white dotted line with a white gel pen, and made the road signs, as you will see in the video. I found the image of the car online (it is from Pixars’s Cars) and printed it out at 1″ width. Here is a picture of how I added the foam tapes to get a differential height:


For the video I made a card with number nine. As it turned out, my friend was mistaken about the boy’s age, and he is actually turning nine.  So here is the card you will see being made in the video, (if you look closely, you will see I clearly need a new ink cartridge! The car looks so faded :/

9th birthday

The process is really similar. The only difference is in how you cut the number. I think this design is versatile and can be applied to different numbers.

Here is the video:

Edited May 26, 2013:

I am entering the first card for this year’s Gallery Idol contest.

Thanks for stopping by!



  • Paper: White, gray, blue and yellow card stock.
  • Adhesive: Repositoonable tape runner, regular tape runner, Scotch foam tape (you can usually find these at any stationary store), Zig glue pen.
  • Ink: uni-ball signo white gel pen
  • Other: print out of toy car

28 responses

  1. Holy cow, Tasnim! These cards are so clever and cute! Thanks so much for sharing how you made the “8”! Hey, did you see there is a milestone birthday challenge in the Paper Crafts Magazine’s Jan challenge (on Flickr)? They would be perfect!

  2. The friend is me :D. lol. I made the ‘9’ card but didnt take a photo of it cos I did it last minute. But totally loved the idea. I always think cards usually have girly designs, and making one for a boy is difficult- but you totally saved my life haha

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  8. I wonder if this would be good to make it out of a thin magnetic sheet with a small magnet on the back of the car to move it around or maybe too expensive, just a thought .

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