CASE study Guest Designer Week 3


It is time for another challenge at CASE study, and my third week as a Guest Designer! We have this awesome card from this month’s muse Amber Kemp-Gerstel:

I LOVE maps! and whenever I see one on a card, I am usually in love! 🙂 Well, that being said, you can imagine that I would definitely make something using maps. I wanted to get creative and use a map in a meaningful way. I also wanted to make something unique, so I thought and thought and I finally came up with this:


I don’t like long road trips, at least not with a toddler on a car seat! But my sister-in-law does it a lot (with five kids too! Mashallah). And last year they were on a month long road trip from Delaware to Texas. This year they are planning one to Florida. They stop by a lot of places and usually spend the night at friends/family who happen to be on their way. I made this card for her so she can let them know ahead of time. I thought this would be a nice way to let them know, rather than just a phone call or an email. I know it is kind of unusual, almost like the opposite of an invitation! huh! (But that is beside the point, since any of her friends/families, including me would love to have her over anytime!)

As to how I made it, I printed everything from my computer, except for the stars which are die cuts. I found a map of USA online, cropped it and drew the blue line on it in MS Word. For this particular card I had to go to a bit of trouble though. My color printer had ran out of black ink, so I used our black laser printer to print out the map and cut out the blue line from the one printed in the color printer, and put them together. Normally I would just print the whole thing out in one piece.

Anyways, I went ahead and made another one with a slightly different color scheme:

kraft map

For this one, I drew the line with a white gel pen.

I hope you like this idea, even if it is a bit unusual, and try to use a map in a creative way!

Make sure to stop by the CASE study challenge blog to see what the Design team has created!

Thanks for visiting!

11 responses

  1. Oh Tasnim, you can’t even just begin to imagine how many cards you’d have to make for this trip 🙂 And we’re taking a different route back! Love the idea and design so much!

  2. Awesome card! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this post every since you told me that I’d “find out on Thursday.” We need to buy ink for our printer, too. The cards look pretty big. Are they bbigger than your usual cards? Do you have envelopes for them? Is that road trip stamp new?

  3. Such a great and amazing idea ..really like it ..the second card is my favorite the sentiment stands more out too…..LOVE them both!

  4. Oh I hate when you have logistical issues on simple things, after spending a long time getting some technical thing just right! These turned out really well, Tasnim! Love how you matched the color of the sentiment with the color of the actual stops along the way. It flows really well together!

    And, thanks so much for your very kind comments recently! I really appreciate them : )

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