Moxie Fab Itty Bitty card

I made this card for the challenge at Moxie Fab World to make an itty bitty card.


What better way to use cute little critters in a cute little card?! This card measure 3.5″ x 3.5″, and the white panel is 3″ x 3″. I stamped the bunny and the chipmunk first, masked them with post-it label, then stamped the hedgehog, the raccoon and the owl. I then masked the hedgehog and stamped the tree. Colored all the critters with Copic markers. I got this idea from one of Darlene’s cards. She did a video on it too, you can see it here.

Here is another picture taken in natural light:


The first picture was taken using an OttLite. I used a photo tent in both cases. I wanted to get your opinion on which one looks better. I would be grateful if you make a comment on that!

Thanks for stopping by!



17 responses

  1. I have just recently found your site and love your creativity. Thanks for sharing your cards . I think the first photo is better, it’s brighter and the colors seem are better.

  2. BEAUTIFUL coloring!! Your craftsmanship really shows through in this one! Love this cute card, Tasnim!! Both photos are good, but I guess the one with the Ott light is slightly better and probably more consistent (thus easier?). I like the warm tone on the 2nd….sorry that I am not much help with that πŸ™‚

  3. This is so adorable! Love those critters! Well, I’m gonna have to go get an Ottlight because it looks really great. The second one is just slightly more yellow.

  4. Your Copic colouring is amazing – I could learn so much from you!! The OTT lighting is more even, but to me the colours on your card seem to have more warmth and feel more natural than the other. I use daylight lamps for all my shots as my daylight round here is terrible and I tend to photograph at night a lot, if that helps. πŸ™‚

  5. Definitely the first, the white is brighter. I love my ott light. Cute card, I just made a few for that challenge, hope to post them today. You might want to check about the size, I think the whole cards is not supposed to be bigger than 3×3.

  6. Love my Ott light! Didn’t know how bad my light was before I got it. Your critter scene is really incredible, Tasnim!! Love how you masked and got them all close and cozy. Pinning this!!! Great coloring. And yes, the color in the first photo looks better. There’s a slight glare on the second one on the right side. Not that I would have otherwise noticed, but since you asked us to compare … : )

  7. So CUTE and it!(love animals..they are really cute)
    The first one I like better the colors seem more crisp..hope that helps.

  8. This is utterly precious and adorable, Tasnim!! I am trying out various lighting myself, so I love that you posted both of these. I like the Ott better because the white looks whiter, which makes the colors look sharper, too. I am definitely going to start using my Ott light now!

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