Camera Craze Challenge

Ok, so I am bit late to the party, and unfortunately I don’t have anything awesome to share either!

I am talking about the Moxie Fab World’s “Camera Craze” challenge. The inspiration pictures are so cool and since I never used a camera in my cards before, I just had to make something for this challenge! I saw two really awesome submissions where the design was focused on the camera’s lens. I might as well put the links. Here is Karen Bakers uber-creative card, and here is the other very creative one. Well after seeing these two cards, I kept banging my head for an original cool idea…I did think of something, but thought it would be too much work for something that may not turn out so well. But after seeing Taheerah’s crazy creative card, I am having second thoughts…!

Anyways, enough chatter, here is the card I made this weekend:

camera craze

I went easy on myself and used the only camera stamp I had. I think the card is quite self explanatory; the film strip represent movie, the smoothie represents food/drink and the camera represents taking pictures of memorable times.

I think it would have been cool if I had a small circular mirror for the lens, but since I didn’t have any, I used a silver metallic paper instead. It is stuck on a circular foam sticker which has a nice black plastic rim. The drink is a sticker too, and the film strip was printed out. My favorite part is probably the “party” sentiment. I used my newly acquired label maker (I love this thing!) to make it.

Thanks for stopping by and my apologies for being a bit too chatty today!

9 responses

  1. Really love your collage-style party card, Tasnim! It’s got such a great energy! And how creative that you notched the label-maker sentiment … I’ve always just used those as rectangles. Love it!!

  2. Have to agree with Kelly – creating a chunky chevron with your label maker is an awesome detail! Very different from your normal style of card but chic full of funky details! I have a thing for filmstrips so I love that you used one here!

    BTW: love the chattiness – felt like friends having a catch-up. 🙂

    PS: think it’s uber-awesome that you linked up to some other entries. 🙂

    PPS: absolutely thrilled that you linked up to mine, lol! Thank you!!

    PPPS: I’m really curious to know what your original idea was!!

    PPPPS: don’t you hate too many PSs? 😛

  3. Au contraire! It is awesome- and it’s completely different. Love that all of the entries have their own twist- yours has a film noire elegance! Thanks for linking up to me- its fun having other visitors!!

  4. Hey Tasnim! Thanks for linking this up to the Camera Craze Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I’m so glad you joined in on all the fun! 🙂

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