Tuesday Trigger’s Emerald Elegance

Hello everyone!

I usually make a card for the Tuesday Trigger challenges on the weekends, but this time I couldn’t wait until the weekend! Here is the reason:

Image Credit

I really like the colors and print of the fabric! But more so the head piece with the butterfly!! Initially I wanted to incorporate all the elements in my card, but there just wasn’t enough space for it, so this is what I made:

Tuesday Trigger: Emerald  elegance

This is how I made the background of my “head-piece”:

  • I die cut an oval from Post-it label and used the negative to ink the center area with distress ink “peacock feathers”
  • while the mask was still on, I stamped some flowers and leaves with the same ink. I also did a few dabs with distress stain “picket fence” but the effect was very subtle.
  • I removed the negative mask and placed the oval mask over the area I just inked and lightly inked the surrounding to create an ombre look
  • When everything was dry I embossed the gold frame.

I had to press the piece under some weight as it got a bit warped. Popped it up on some foam dots and attached the feather and the flower. I wish I could say I made the flower, but it is store bought. It is made of fabric. I think the feather is a mini peacock feather, I am not sure though. I found it on the floor of one of the Isle at Michaels where there were Peacock feathers. I asked the cashier if I could have it and she said yes. So I got it for free!

Here is the card from another angle:


Thanks for stopping by! If  you have any questions, feel free to ask!

P.S Special thanks to Taheerah for helping me decide on a design element!



13 responses

  1. I noticed this card has been filed under ‘cards’. It should be filed under ‘awesome’ as that’s what it is!! The detail and effort you went into on your background alone is breathtaking, I heart that frame so much, but then that flower and feather take thus to over-the-top fabulous!!! This could well be yet another winner, I feel!!

    PS: I am part-way through creating my card for the Trigger, hoping to finish it off and post it tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!

  2. Wow! Your take is again so striking and gorgeous! I felt like that I am looking at a piece of artwork! The use of feather and flowers are fabulous! And that embossing really makes this card a stand out!

  3. Always get excited to see what you do! Thanks for the detailed explanation on how you did it (with the masking and all). Your card is unmistakably inspired by the photo. I particularly like how you distress inked the background and then stamped with the same color … gives it a very full look. And the gold embossed frame is stellar!

  4. Hey Tasnim! Thanks for linking this up to this week’s Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I’m so glad you joined in on all the fun! 🙂

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