A Card with Washi Tape

butterfly washi tape

What more do you need when you have a gorgeous washi tape? That is what I thought after finishing up this card. True, at first I stamped a butterfly stamp on a separate piece of paper, colored it with pencils and tried to see how it would look on the side. It wasn’t working so I decided to use butterflies from the tape itself.

I just laid the tape on white card stock at trimmed out the three butterflies, aren’t they beautiful?! I think I could use them on other projects. The sentiment is from Hero Arts “Everyday Messages” set. I used a thin black strip of paper to separate the washi tape from the sentiment area.

The design is probably not the best, but I just love those butterflies and their colors!

And in case you noticed, I have a mahogany background for my card. I am away from home, and I don’t have my usual photo tent with me. So this picture was taken in front of  a Mahogany Chest and in natural light. I like the change, but it won’t last long.

Thanks for stopping by!

15 responses

  1. Wow Tasnim, that is some really beautiful washi tape. You did however make the butterflies come alive, gorgeous CAS design!!
    (Who is the manufacturer of the washi. Can you share please?)

  2. What a beautiful and clever design. I’m so glad you think of things I never do on my own. So far I’ve resisted washi tape, but my resolve is now gone. Yay!

  3. Um, genius design. That washi tape is awesome, but you totally took it to the next level with your 3D butterflies!!

  4. This is gorgeous. I thought looking just at the picture that you had put coloured washi tape on card and stamped on top of it with butterflies to get these gorgeous butterflies. But no it is amazing washi tape on it’s on. Simply beautiful. I just love your work.

  5. You’re right…that tape and those butterflies are stunning! I love the bright butterflies against all the white, it makes them look even more delicate and colourful 🙂

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