Happy News & CASE Study Challenge #144

Hello there friends!

I have some exciting news to share. Starting today I am joining the CASE study design team! I love a good challenge, and CASE study definitely gets me thinking, so I am grateful for this opportunity. I am also honored to be working alongside a very talented group of ladies!

There will be a new challenge every Thursday of each week, and since today is Thursday, we are starting a new challenge. We are also welcoming a new muse who will be inspiring us for the month of June. She is none other than the super talented Lisa Spangler!!

We also have Lynn Mangan as our guest designer for the month of June!

Here is the first card that we are working with:


I like everything about this card; it has such a cool design…something you would find on the cover of a book, and I am not just saying that because there is a book in the picture!

The first thing I noticed is the interesting size of the card, and I knew I wanted to make my card of similar dimensions. There are multiple things I was inspired by, so it is best that I list them:

  1. Card Dimensions.
  2. Feathers! I had to have a feather in my card.
  3. Colorful, I chose four colors from the bunch.
  4. Minimal element. Do you see that Lisa has used only two elements here; ink daubers and a feather stamp; so simple, so effective!
  5. Even numbers: I applaud Lisa’s use of even numbers; there are 8 paint strokes and four feathers. I am sure I would have done 7 strokes and 3 feathers or some other odd numbers!
  6. Vertical positioning.

And here is my card:

Case Study 145

Do you see the points I mentioned? I intentionally arranged the feathers unevenly, I suppose I couldn’t get away from keeping it asymmetric.

For the feather I applied ink on white card stock, drew the feathers and trimmed them. Then I cut the fringes. If you would like to know, there are over 100 cuts on each side…it took me about 10 minutes to cut each feather.

My card base is 4.25″  by 5″ and it opens like a book. The sentiment is made using a label maker.

Make sure to visit the rest of the design team to see how they were inspired:

Amy Wanford | Andrea Ewen | Debby Hughes | Clare Buswell | Iwona Palamountain | Jean Martin | Jeanne Jachna | Lynn Magnan (GDT)Maureen Merit | Maureen Plut | Silke LedlowTeneale Williams

Thanks for stopping by!



32 responses

  1. Love your card Tasnim, those feathers look so real, amazing craftsmanship from drawing them to cutting the sides. Thanks for sharing your creative design process:-)

  2. YAY! You’re the perfect addition to the CASE Study design team! And what a great first project you’ve created! Thanks for pointing out all the elements (love reading about that kind of stuff). Your feathers are just amazing!!

  3. Congratulations, Tasnim, on the Case Study Design Team appointment. The challenge and the participants are lucky to have you! I love your creation and how you explained the process and the elements. Thank you!!

  4. Hi Tasnim, congratulations on joining the Case Study Team!
    Love your card, and that you meticulously cut all the fringy bits on the feathers. Cool.

  5. Congratulations Tasneem 🙂 you definitely are a great choice to be in the design team 🙂 Love your idea and how neatly you created the feathers. Beautiful work

  6. YAYYY!! Welcome to the CASE Team!!! I can’t believe you hand cut those feathers – a work of art – they look so realistic – absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Congrats!! Love those feathers….such patience to cut them!! The sentiment with a label maker is cool!!

  8. Congrats on joining the Case study team you are such a perfect addition to the talented bunch of people there …btw I just love your card what a brilliant idea of making these feathers …it’s so perfectly cased !!beautiful colors too !!

  9. Congrats on joining the Case study team – they are lucky to have you on board! Your feathers are amazing! Can’t believe you made them yourself!

  10. Hallo Tasnim, I see you are the new member of DT oh woow congrats and I love your style…may I ask you where do you life…I am living in Germany..and your style is really clean simple and adorable I love it…I will come and see and leave some love on your lovely design…



  11. Not at all surprised you made the DT – this DT was made for you!! And you’ve certainly got off to a cracking start with this CASE! Perfect translation of the original to your vision, great colours, and I can’t believe you made so many cuts to make those feathers!! Actually, yes I can – that’s just one example of how you go above and beyond!!

  12. I’m so glad you’ve joined the team! Now we don’t need to compete with you!!!! Ha ha only joking! It gives us more opportunity to see your gorgeous creations and just quietly, yours is my fave this week! 100 cuts on each side?? That just shows how much attention to detail you take!

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