Runway Inspired Challenge #139


Time for a Runway Inspired Challenge. This we have a fun interesting look:

My first thought was Mosaic. So I decided to use a mosaic technique that I had learned a long time ago. I searched for “mosaic pattern” and found the image of a sun/sunflower. Using Photoshop I took colors from the dress to print out solid blocks of color on letter paper, mainly because I needed something lighter than card stock to create the mosaic. Here is the card:

RIC 139

How to do the mosaic:

  • apply glue on a small area of the pattern, I used a glue pen for precision.
  • using a stylus press down a corner of colored paper and tear away.
  • repeat the process. I occasionally used my scissors to cut straight edges and aligned them along the edges of the pattern.


Since some of you did not completely understand the description above, I decided to do a short video on how I did it. I hope it will help, if you can see it through my terrible lighting conditions! Sorry about the glare throughout the video.

I won’t lie, this took a while, but I was determined to finish it. This technique would be more practical with either smaller/ scattered areas to cover or large designs where you could use something blunter than a stylus to tear away bigger pieces.

I hope you will get a chance to play along! Our sponsor this week is Simon Says Stamp, and the winner will get a $15 gift certificate to their online store.

Please visit the Runway blog to see what the rest of the team came up with! I assure you, you will in for a treat!

Jen |  Laura | Nina | Pamela | Virginia | Wida

Thanks for stopping by!

23 responses

  1. Oh ! Wow!! this is such a stunner !!!The amount of time and patience required for this technique is mind boggling ..hats off to you for pulling it off so beautifully !

  2. Gorgeous!! Maybe its because I am reading this at 8am and on my first cup of coffee but my brain is not grasping the technique. I think a tutorial is needed :). Something this beautiful needs to be shared!!

  3. I had to enlarge the photo to be convinced … your execution is so perfect and steady that you really can’t believe that it IS a mosaic!!! And that you cut the edges. I’m wondering how you even held that teeny-tiny scrap to cut it. Totally in awe of your work, Tasnim!! Again!

  4. Stunning! Usually, when I see a card, I try to guess the technique and supplies involved in the making of it… but in this case not even with your description, because I’m not sure that I’ve understand it 🙂 still, an amazing card!

  5. thank you for showing how you did this lovely card ….the video was very clear …i am impressed at the amount of time i am sure this took to do but the results are stunning ….i have never even heard of this technique before ..thanks so much for sharing can not wait to try it out myself …

  6. Ok – I just watched your video and I’m still picking up my jaw! You are amazing! Your patience is incredible and the card absolutely gorgeous!! So kind of you to share your technique!

  7. I am glad you made a video because now I get it and am blown away. Incredible Tasnim! Seriously, you are such a talent!

  8. Wow!!!! Now I know… such a detailed work of art! If you don´t mind, one of these days I will try your technique, giving you the respective credit, of course. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. I’m going to say the same thing on the blogs of all of you uber-talented ladies on the RI DT this month. I always feel like you pass around the tool box, grab the hammer and, with one nail a piece, you HIT it! Your individual works of art are inspiring, true, but your RI makes feel like wizardry!! Thank you! (Thanks for the video tute!)

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