Eid Cards

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of selling Eid Cards to raise money for Orphans. After seeing the Ramadan cards here, my sister-in-law suggested that I could sell Eid cards for the 99 Orphan project.

Design cards? and help orphans? sure!

I went with the original idea of incorporating jewelry and made a few cards. And after a day of design and execution, I had 14 original cards ready to be sold.

This one was my favorite, and the first to go away!

Gold and plum

at the bazaar right after it was sold

Here is another one incorporating a big earring:

earring card

I did a little bit of stitching to secure the earring in place. For the greetings, I used a Hero Arts alphabet set to spell them out.

In this next one, I modified a piece (presumably a pendant) with some liquid pearls and added pearls on a string. I was going for a string of lights look.

lightsYou can’t tell from the picture, but the letters were die cut from a Pearlescent card stock. It was from the envelope of an old wedding invitation! I am glad I saved it 🙂

The next card is a variation of the card from my Runway post:

Ornaments Eid Card

This next card looked really good when I made it, but as time passed, I started liking it less and less…it definitely needs some design modification…

soft light eid card

Do you see that shiny strip? it was one of my daughter’s bangles. I found it on the ground broken at one place. I simply straightened it out with my hands; it was quite malleable. The letters are from vellum and the spirals are stamped with Versamark and brushed with perfect pearls.

As I ran out of ideas for incorporating jewelry, I decided to do some stamping:

simple elegance

Delicata gold ink! So glad I bought it when I did, for I made a lot more of this kind! The greeting is a stamp which I had it custom made.

Lastly, here is a card that I made at the request of my niece who is the editor of MuslimKidsMatters at MuslimMatters.org Do check out her post as I have also incorporated a video tutorial.

mosaic eid card

This was quite a card-heavy post! Thanks for staying till the end 🙂

17 responses

  1. What a wonderful project for you to adopt! I’m sure your Eid cards were so well received … especially since it doesn’t seem like there are many out there. Way to go on coming up with unique designs too. I’m sure I would be tempted to just make 14 of the same to sell. I love the one with the earring on the yellow damask panel, but they’re all special.

  2. Tasnim, your cards are absolutely amazing. So delicate and feminine. And what a wonderful way to share them and help your community but selling them for a charitable good cause. Well done!

  3. Such gorgeous and unique designs Tasnim, all these are cards are so precious. A very special cause to help out with your creations!!

  4. as Moslem I love all your card…not much Moslem card maker and you did very well…may I get one Tasnim…I will keep in and put near my table in my office it is really lovely….should I send you my Addy…I will make a similar with you…because I have no cuttle but maschine better do it with alphabet stamp right…Love your post Tasnim…wassalammualaykum.Monika

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