CASE Study Challenge #160

Hello there!

Warning: Lengthy post ahead!

October is here and with it we have a new muse at CASE Study! It is Elena Roussakis;  a very sweet and talented paper-crafter, and I am thrilled to have her work as inspiration. Wait till you see the them, for they are not your regular cards!

And as for our month long guest designer, we have the Amazing Michelle from Amusing Micheele. Welcome aboard! So happy you are our guest this month!

Here is our first inspiration:


Well, it is time for the truth to come out. The cards that I post in this blog are not always my first attempted cards. Usually I do not finish those initial cards, and if I do, I throw them in the bin of my “failed design” cards. however, in this case, I made THREE fully thought-out cards before I was satisfied with my fourth and final one.

Here is the card that I submitted to the CASE Study design team:

Tasnim-CASE Study 160-1

A bit of an unusual design for me. But I must say, this the first time I have been happy with my attempt at collage style. It is probably not much for many of you talented ladies out there, but it is a big step for me 🙂

CASE Study 160

Now, the sentiment and the spoon may look confusing, but this is how I see it: the spoon represents a helping hand, and I believe in us being able to do great things and help our community.

Now let me walk you through the other three cards in the order that I made them:

CASE Study 160-1

Seeing the inspiration I immediately thought of this washi tape from Target. Then I did something I almost never do; pick up a stamp set and work with it! So I picked this Hero Arts/Studio Calico set and came up with this card using the colors from the inspiration photo. Why did I not like it? Well, to begin, the design didn’t seem too creative; it looked more like a traditional card. Then that washi tape along the bottom edge, and then a bird on one side while everything else is centered just didn’t seem like something I would do…well I did do it…but you know, it didn’t feel right.

Onto the second card (sorry about the blurry picture!) :

CASE Study 160-2

Here I used colors, layout and some elements from the inspiration photo. I was happy that it was a fully stamped card, but once again, it didn’t look too creative. I was sure I had seen a similar card somewhere!

my third card:

CASE Study 160-3

I was actually pretty happy with this card, and thought this was it. But looking back, I felt that I gave far too much attention to gold and not enough to red and blue given the inspiration photo. Also, even thought I thought that negative “A” snuggled between the y’s was creative, it wasn’t really that attractive!

I hope I didn’t bore you, and that you enjoyed going through my design process. Do stop by the CASE Study Challenge blog and check out the projects that our uber-talented design team has cooked up 🙂

Before I leave I would like to mention that next week I will be leaving for Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah). I am SO grateful for this opportunity (praise to our Lord), but at the same time I have a lot of mixed feelings; happiness and excitement to be visiting His house, and a little anxiety for leaving my 2 year old daughter behind. I just hope that I can make the most out of it.

For those of you who do not know about Hajj, it is the fifth pillar of Islam, and it consists of religious rites following in the footsteps of our forefather Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him. There is a time frame within which Hajj must be performed, so it can only be done once a year. If you are interested to learn more, here is an article that gives a short history of Hajj. And here is a more detailed description and significance of the Rites of Hajj.

And finally here is a nasheed (song/poetry/words of praise sung without musical instruments) that is somewhat related to hajj 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

10 responses

  1. I love them all, but think you did go with your best one! Although I really do love the third one as well – what did you use for the negative A etc?

    And Mashallah for you being able to go on Hajj! I’m so proud and in awe of you doing something so momentous. Wishing you a safe and peaceful trip.

  2. I agree with Taheerah that all the cards are nice – I enjoyed reading your ” thought processes ” .

    Safe journey !!

  3. I also like all the cards and think they work well for the challenge! Maybe that’s why you are on the design team and I am not… LOL! Thanks for sharing them all with your thoughts!

  4. I love the mall, but I love the it’s your day one! I am so proud that you are taking the trip at such a young age, Mashallah! Enshallah, I will be able to go one day. Anya wants to take me 🙂 Have a safe trip and I will celebrate with you on your return.

  5. Thank you so much for showing your different cards before you chose your final one. Its really interesting to see what people like/dislike about their cards and whats wrong with the design itself. Certainly gives me a lot to learn and think about and great to hear how really good designers think. What a wonderful journey you are about to go on. I can certainly understand how hard it will be to leave your little one. I’m sure though she will be well looked after and will be so happy to see you when you come home to tell her of your wonderful trip. Have a safe trip.

  6. Such an interesting post Tasnim! I love all your cards and I know what you mean about collage – it’s not easy! I think the one you chose is perfect for the challenge. My favourite is the second card – that is a one layer collage! Your thought process reminded me of Wida! Thanks for the links, it’s good to learn more about other faiths. I hope you have a safe and wonderful journey.

  7. Really enjoyed this post Tasnim. I love your collage. I also loved your third card but must admit my eye went to the “A” immediately too. All the best for your journey.

  8. Thank-you for the welcome! (I’m a bit slow in getting around to visit these days). I love all of your cards. I am smiling that you’ve shared them all, because often I imagine that the cards you post are the first and only version of what you create (because you are just so amazingly talented!). Thank-you also for the links for me to learn about Hajj. I hope your journey has been all that you hoped for.

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