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This is a momentous occasion!

A large number of paper crafters have joined up to show our appreciation for Cath Edvalson, and all the amazing things she has done through her blog, the Moxie Fab World. She has just retired from that blog, and we felt it appropriate that each one of us say Goodbye in our own way through this blog hop.

For those of you who don’t know what a blog hop is, (I didn’t when I first saw it in the titles of random blogs!) it is a list of blogs where the authors of each blog all post at the same time about a certain topic. Each author also includes links to the blogs before and after so one can “hop” from one blog to the next. The entire list is usually available at the blog that is hosting the hop, and it may also appear at the other blogs.

I am going to miss Cath’s Moxie Fab World very much. It was my go-to place for inspiration, a good challenge or just to read a happy post! Two of my most favorite features were the Tuesday Trigger challenges and the “Oh My Moxie Fab!”. So I decided to create two cards based on an inspiration from each of these two columns.

Oh My Moxie Fab! December 21, 2012

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My card:

Moxie Fab Thanks

A lot of rhinestones and some sequins (my first time using them!). I also made some of my own Sprinkles since I searched two stores and couldn’t find any! I first punched out little circles from acetate, placed big droplets of glossy accent on them, and let them dry clear. They look like dew drops. For the sparkly leaves, I first applied an even layer of adhesive on acetate (using Xyron machine), covered it with cello confetti, then punched out the leaves/petals.

For the background, I first adhered the lace using tape runner, then placed a 6″x4″ piece of Tulle over it, secured it in place with some rhinestones, then taped down the sentiment at the bottom. The tulle is secured to the card base with the various embellishments for which I used glossy accent.

On of the fun things about making this card was me walking all over Michaels collecting anything sparkly that I could use in this card ๐Ÿ˜€


The sentiment is made out of clear Dymo tape and it says “You are a real gem!” and Cath, you truly have been a GEM in the world of Paper Crafters!

Tuesday Trigger: In Transition, September 10, 2013

Image Credit

moxie fab thanks

For this card, I used stamps that I have designed. I created the Ombre look by stamping each triangle in multiple steps with distress inks. The striped triangles are embossed in Silver.

Cath, you are Amazing, and you will be missed dearly! But Thank you for all you have given to the Moxie Fab World! This isn’t Goodbye, for I will be following you through Pinterest and Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

You may have come here fromย Christine Dring’sย Creative Space, and your next stop isย Alicia Thelin‘s blog land. The entire list of blogs is available at the Moxie Fab World.

Lastly, I would like to thank Keren, Taheerah and Virginia for working hard and organizing this fabulous event!

66 responses

  1. You’re a wonder, Tasnim! That first card is not a card! It’s a work of art! (I’m totally going to try that glossy accents thing:) And your second card is so on trend. Cath would be proud! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  2. oooh, love your glossy accents trick! Your first card is such a show-stopper! Love that it’s pretty monochromatic, but oh so luscious. And the embossed triangles with the color graded ones are very punchy. You did Cath proud, Tasnim!

  3. Tasnim, I have so pinned that first card! Thank you for sharing how you made all those brilliant bits! I can’t wait to try your techniques! That was a real bonus on this already amazing blog hop for Cath! I love your other on-trend card, as well, and I know Cath will be over the moon with this post!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. I love the sparkly card! I am speechless. What can I say? Diamonds are forever. Your cards are always timeless! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. As usual your ideas just blow me away. What a masterpiece that first card is. You need to do a video on how to make those embellishments you clever clever lady. Totally love both cards but that first one is just W O W

  6. Tasnim, my friend, you sure do NOT disappoint! I absolutely LOVE this! You take card art into another level! Thanks so much for being part of this epic hop. It would not be the same without you! xoxo

  7. Oh. My. God.

    I think my heart skipped a beat at your first card. Just… wow. I don’t… I don’t even have the words. This is a masterpiece.

    (I don’t mean to not give your second card any love, it is awesome too, but I’m sorry, that first one still has me staring at it like a magpie. I wish I could steal it for myself!).

  8. Such brilliance, Tasnim! The first card is nothing short to f exquisite – how clever, the way you made your own sprinkles ๐Ÿ™‚ Your interpretation of the “Transition” image is fabulous – love the striped embossing ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Your first MFW column was one I don’t remember, and you did a gorgeous job with it! Love your 2nd card, too, Tasnim! Beautifully done!

  10. These are such stunning cards, Tasnim. Your work always makes me sigh with happiness & want to run to the craft desk to make something. Love the gorgeous pink sequin arrangement. Wow! And the triangles are so perfect a design for guys or gals. I’ll miss Cath so much, but I can only imagine how amazing the next thing she’ll bring to the world will be. :0)

  11. The triangles card reminds me of Oblivion! It is very artistic and somehow it gives me a 3-dimensional hint. I love how you inked the colored triangles and I like how you incorporated the striped transparent ones. The colored triangles look like pieces of the sky at different times. The bottom one looks more like desert sand. Oh wait, this card is now reminding me of Tomb Raider! Remember the triangle she had to destroy? This comment is getting huge…because you are an amazing artist!

  12. These are both stunning in totally different ways! I think I have to pick the supah-sparkly one as my fave, though, because you got to go shopping ๐Ÿ™‚

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