Runway Inspired Challenge 148

Hello friends!

Today I killed a bug and then felt sorry for killing it with a spray. Trust me, you don’t want to hear the description of the bug or how it died. I thought afterwards that it would have been better if I had the courage to crush it in one go, maybe it would have suffered less…sorry, I must be creeping you out!! I am not really a story teller, it is Wida’s blog where you should go if you want to read a lighthearted funny/sweet little story. I wanted to give it a try in her honor, as today will be her last post with the Runway Inspired design team! We started as fierce competitors, then we guest designed together, and then we were both on this team! I love your work Wida, and I am going to miss your presence on the team!

For today’s challenge, we have this beautiful inspiration:


The pattern on the dress is so pretty. As usual, I went to the site, zoomed in and looked at all the detail. The dress has some whimsical watercolor drawings along with patches of silver baroque patterns. It really looks like a piece of art!

I had an image of what I wanted to design in mind, but I didn’t find any stamp in my collection that would help me create that design. So I decided to get  bold and try my hand at water coloring. Here is the result:

RIC 48

I first drew some whimsical flowers and leaves with a pencil. Then I applied water color (Distress ink+water+liquid pearl) over the flowers. Once it was dry I drew the outlines with a 0.3 Prisma black sketch pen. I was quite surprised at how quickly it all came about. I started with a larger panel, so I trimmed it down to 4×6 inches and adhered it to a card base. I used 120lb card stock as I didn’t want the panel to warp due to the water.

Finally, I used a Dymo label maker to write the sentiment. I was thinking of my sister-in-law and her family, whose amazing contributions to the world always inspire me!

Thanks for joining me here today, and I hope you will stop by the Runway Inspired Challenge to see more inspiration and play along!

30 responses

  1. This is pure, jaw-dropping gorgeousness Tasnim!!! I would say I can’t believe you drew that, but knowing how amazingly talented you are I can totally believe it actually!! This card is a masterpiece!!!

  2. Put a frame on this and hang it in an art museum! Wow, Tasnim, this is outstanding! And I’m sorry for you about the bug, but seriously, it shouldn’t have been there, so you shouldn’t feel badly! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Love your card! The flowers and coloring are spot on, as they say! I’m impressed that you drew the flowers yourself ! What a good idea to do them in pencil first, then permanent ink! Great design… I’m going to try to CASE your card.

  4. Breathtaking, Tasnim – well and truly 🙂 I feel your anguish on the “bug slaying” – as much as I hate them, I do feel some remorse at being the instrument of their demise 😦

  5. Gorgeous isn’t a strong enough word to describe this card, Tasnim. I’m delighted with the layout and especially the way your watercoloring reflects the inspiration fabric.

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  7. This is absolutely beautiful, Tamsin. I think you are so artistic and gifted. On the downside, I cannot buy the stamp I was anticipating reading about when I first saw your card 😦 LOL Better for my pocketbook. 🙂

  8. Tasnim, I’ve been looking at this card since you published it on your blog, and wondering if you drew the beautiful pattern. So now I found a few minutes to come visiting (and properly read your post), and find that YOU DID! You are amazing! This card is simply beautiful! Gorgeous design, beautiful art!

  9. I can’t believe you drew these flowers yourself. Seriously you are such a talent. I think that is why your cards have such soul, because you put your heart in them.

  10. Get out of here! You drew those flowers? I shouldn’t be surprised because you are so crazily talented on a regular basis, but they are astounding. Thanks for the amazing inspiration!

  11. The simplicity in the card is the biggest draw-card in your card less is always more!!! It is so inspiring to look at it, not layer upon layer just plain and simple, yet such a winner! Well done,you should be so proud of it . Please do some stamps. Judy South Africa

  12. We are kindred souls. While I hate bugs and don’t want them in my life, I do feel sorry for them when I kill them and have felt sad spraying them and watching them suffer too. We share the same kindness gene in our soul. 🙂
    Beautiful card- by the way. A true original.

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