Coloring with Glitter

At CASE Study we have a new feature for the month of December. I am very excited about it, and I hope you will be too!!

Instead of our usual month-long muse, this month we will have Moxie Fab World to inspire us!

Keeping up with the trends, we are starting off with a fusion of feather and gold:


I happened to have bought a huge collection of glitter recently, and seeing all the glimmer and shine in this photo, I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to use those glitters!

CASE Study-169

I first embossed the floral image with Ranger’s Pricess Gold embossing powder. Then I proceeded to “color in” with glitter. I used Martha Stewart’s glue pen to assist me in this process (Thanks Wida for the tip!)

For the flowers, I used three different colors of glitter; first I applied little glue at the base, poured in the darkest blue glitter, then applied glue in the mid section and poured the medium colored glitter, and so on. The foliage has gold, white gold and a bluish black. I will list the colors at the bottom.

The shimmer of these glitter is insanely beautiful!! Although the picture doesn’t do it real justice.


At first, when I had done just the flowers, together with the embossed gold they looked almost like real gems! I am definitely going to do this again with just the blues and gold embossing!

I hope you feel inspired, and if you want more, head over to CASE Study challenge blog where the design team never fails to wow me!

Thanks for stopping by!


27 responses

  1. You totally rocked this one, Tasnim!! Your patience is impressive, and with great result. The blues and golds are so incredible together. Your vellum sentiment is a perfect choice to let the design really shine.

  2. Knew this was beautiful but I didn’t realize HOW beautiful til I saw your post. What a fabulous way to color in the image, especially given all the glitz and glamour of that photo. So happy you gals went with Cath as a muse 🙂

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  4. I wrote the amazing comment for this on the day you posted it – but then my Feedly app on my phone crashed and it was lost forever whilst it tried to submit the comment. 😦

    But, to give you an idea, I was mostly just saying ‘WOW’ a lot of times and being completely speechless at this, then a string of adjectives and superlatives followed, bookended with more ‘WOWS’. And that’s completely the comment I stand behind today too. 🙂

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