CASE Study Challenge 180

Yesterday I realized why back in my college days I was never 100% present in my classes. I would say my attention span ranged between zero to 70%. You see, when I started the Microbiology class this current semester, I was quite surprised to find myself listening to the instructor all the way from beginning to end, with everything registering in my brain too! …well, until yesterday…I went to class after not having slept for straight 29 hours*, and the symptom reappeared! Even though I looked alert, my mind wasn’t always registering the words being heard, it kept wandering off! And then it hit me; why I experienced that throughout my college years. It’s because I was on a chronic sleep deprivation! All this time I thought it was just me 🙂

*the 29 hours of wakefulness can be blamed on my severe case of procrastination- I was up writing two papers which were due yesterday. I won’t tell you when theses assignments were issued 🙂

Well, that introduction was quite off topic! Today I have a card for the next CASE Study challenge. It is our last challenge with Danielle Flanders 😦


Since I was on water color mode (after buying my recent paint palette), I did an orange-yellow color wash for the background on my card, inspired by the yellow flowers in Danielle’s card background.
I also wanted to experiment more with the artsy collage style, and inspired by the sketch and elements in Danielle’s card, here is the one I made:

CASE 180

After I applied the water colors for the background, I let it dry and then stamped the leaves with distress inks. I sprayed water on the inked stamp before stamping. I didn’t like the colors I had used much, so started adding some darker green on the leaves using a paintbrush. I gave a spritz of white mist which caused the colors in the leaves to run a little bit.

Once the background was done, I played around with the embellishments until I was satisfied with their arrangements. I retrieved the gold ornaments from my scraps box while rummaging for something suitable to add to the mix. If it wasn’t for the scraps box, I would have never thought of adding ornaments to this card 🙂

Well, I think that is enough chatter from me today. Please stop by the CASE Study challenge blog, you don’t want to miss the gorgeous projects my team-mates, our guest designers and Danielle have made!


I am entering this to Virginia’s View Challenge #1 which is all about water colors!

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  1. Isn’t it funny how obvious things seem when we’re older and wiser?!? I’ve experienced that many times!! And I have a feeling that however much we try to teach our kids these things, they will need to go along the same path of discovery that we did : ) Love the wistful feeling you’ve conveyed in your card. The tiny bits of gold really accent it well. That scraps box is wonderful, isn’t it. I always use it for the insides of my card when I’m ready to send them.

  2. Absolutely stunning, Tasnim! The cluster is gorgeous along with the water-color background… are you sure it’s not from pattern paper (LOL)!? I am so glad that you linked it up to share! Thanks for sharing your talent with us at Virginia’s View Challenge! PS: Hope you are not sleep -deprived any more! Not fun…I simply can’t function when I am lack of sleep.

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