Big News!

It is time to finally share with you what I have been up to behind the scenes.

Last year, I decided to start designing stamps. I subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud, and started learning and designing in Illustrator. Here are some of the cards that I have shared using those stamps:

moxie fab thanks  RIC 51-3

DSC_0048-001  DSC_0936-001

Yes, I am starting a small company for stamps! And you know what is more exciting?! Jennifer Rzasa is with me on board!!!

The company name is Altenew and our website went live today. We will be opening our store on April 7th, but in the mean time please take a minute and check it out!

Make sure to also Like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Pinterest!

I can’t leave without sharing a new card! Here is one that I made using a stamp set from today’s sneak peek (the sneak peeks are at the company’s blog section):

Altenew stamps

36 responses

  1. I am so excited for you and Jen! You both are so talented and wonderful people! I wish you all the best! Drop dead gorgeous cards, too!

  2. Congrats! This is going to be HUGE! From the stamp designs’ point of view, you have already won me over! LOVE love your samples, Tasnim! Having Jen on board is extra amazing! Yay!

  3. This is so exciting!! You and Jennifer make a great pair with you wonderful designs and ideas. The website looks great and can’t wait to see all the products. You must be so proud of yourselves!!!!

  4. I just know that with you two at the helm this is going to be a phenomenal success. How could it not be? Your designs are amazing, your creativity boundless and your intelligence and business brains I’m sure are just as potent! Can’t wait to see how this unfolds!!

  5. Congrats Tasnim for another step ahead! Will it be clear stamp or digital? Hope that the designs will include celebration for moslem holiday. I’m looking forward to it.

  6. You go girl!! So awesome!! I have always wondered how everyone is designing stamps– if/how it goes from hand to digital, or if people mainly create using programs. Way out of my purview! But I’d love to hear more about the process! Maybe I’ll shoot you an email and if you have ANY free time you can tell me about your process and journey. Always fascinated about the business side of creative ventures. Congrats!!!!!

  7. Congratulations of the Big news!! I so look forward to ur stamp line, it sure has to be amazing with all the elegance that flows into ur cards 🙂 good luck!! I am waiting for the release 🙂

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