Cards for Healing

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Cards for Healing is an initiative dedicated to brighten a patient’s day through thoughtful cards.

We organize events where people are invited to come together, learn how to design/make cards and have a good time!

making a card

making cards

So far we have had one event where 50+ cards were made. Some of these cards, with hand-written messages, were given to patients recovering from surgeries at Nassaus University Medical Center.

cards for healing

Next Event: To be announced.

How you can help: 

  • Join our events and make some cards with personal messages.
  • Donate cards. For details, leave a message in the Contact page.
  • Start your own event, invite friends, make cards, and send them to patients at a hospital or a clinic.

One response

  1. These cards are beautiful!! Can you tell me if this blog is back up and running a/o 10/2016?? Would love to make purchases; but, can you please provide me with just a little info as to if the store end as well is up and running? Thanks much and looking forward to hearing from you.

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