Blog Prize Winner

The time is here to announce the winner for my first blog anniversary giveaway.

Thank you all so much for leaving your comments! I really enjoyed reading what you had to say about card making,  creativity and such. I wish I had a prize for all of you! Maybe next year 😉

As I have seen many bloggers do, I used to draw the winner:


And the winner is….


Taheerah: First of all can I just say how awesome and sweet that is that you sent gifts to your Top 3 commenters – that is so refreshing to see! Second of all, congrats on your blog anniversary, Third of all, you are awesome and so is your work!

Congratulations on your win Taheerah! I will be contacting you 🙂

Don’t leave just yet!

I realized after the first draw that I had considered everyone who commented…and that includes the three ladies who were the top commenters and already got prizes,  (thanks for your kind words, Laura, Wida and Naeema!!)…so I was wondering…maybe I should make a second draw without considering them? hmm…

So I did, and the second winner is…..


Jen Rzasa!!!

Jen Rzasa: Congrats! It is always shocking for me to think that someone as talented and well-established as yourself has only been blogging for a year! My favorite feature on your blog? Your Runway Inspired Challenge posts! And no, I’m not just saying that because it’s my challenge, but it’s because you inspire me each and every time. The way you take an inspiration image and translate it to a card is never short of brilliant! You are awesome!

A surprise gift will be on your way Jennifer!

Once again, thank you all for your support and encouragement! I really appreciate it!

The Big Day is Here!

Today is a big day! and it has finally arrived!

Wondering what I am talking about? Well, today marks the closing of the first year of my blog!

January 2012 I had decided to start a blog, and on the 23rd I posted my first entry, and my first card. I recall I was quite excited about this card, as it was  one of the first cards that I had designed, and thought it was pretty cool (worthy of blogging). I wish I had saved it properly, my daughter chewed it up (I am serious!). My husband gave it to her to play with (?!!!) and I found it in the morning in her crib, I was like…is that my card??

I have come a long way since then, from becoming a better designer (hopefully), winning a few challenges here and there, guest designing, and most importantly, joining the design team of my favorite challenge blog!! and so here I am celebrating with some fun prizes.

I have seen a lot of bloggers celebrate their blog anniversaries with a random draw for the prize. I considered it and felt that by itself,  it was not enough as I really wanted to show appreciation to those who supported me and made me want to design more cards.

Therefore I decided to give an appreciation gift to the top three people who made the most comments on my blog!

Are you ready for me to reveal them?!! Here they are….

Laura Bassen! — what is more amazing than one of your FAVORITE card makers leaving sweet encouraging comments on your cards? Thank you Laura for all the kind words! I appreciate them so much! your gift will be on your way shortly 🙂

Wida Miller!! — Fun energetic Wida! Back when I was blogging to myself (for about the first 5 months!) Wida made me realize that there was a world of awesome bloggers out there and I should be interacting with them! Thank you Wida for all your support and thoughtful comments!

Naeema Ibrahim!!! — I have gotten to know Naeema very recently and I am glad that I did! She lives in a part of the world where she doesn’t have much access to stamping goodies. I am glad she is one of the top three commenters because now I get to send her a fun package of stamping goodies! 🙂

I decided not to share a picture of the gifts as I wanted them to be a surprise for the recipients 🙂

And now for some more fun! Of course I can’t ignore all the other nice bloggers who have been leaving encouraging feedbacks on my cards, so here is a humble prize package for one lucky winner:


I have included some stamps from one of my favorite stamping companies — Hero Arts, and some inks from my favorite inks–Distress ink, among other things.

To increase your chances to win, you can each have two entries, here is how you can do it:

1. Leave a comment telling me what is your greatest accomplishment as a card maker/crafter, OR what do you like most about card making, OR what feature on my blog do you like most, OR what tips do you have for becoming a better blogger, OR just leave a comment with whatever is on your mind 🙂 (you may answer more than one question if you like)

2. If you are a follower, you may leave a second comment saying “I am a follower”. If you are not a follower, you can start following now (that is if you wish) by clicking the “Follow” button which you will find on the left side of the top bar or subscribing by email, then leave a comment saying “I am a new follower”.

You have until midnight EST on Friday February first to leave a comment. 🙂 I will announce the winner the following Monday.

Edited: I wanted to share a simple card that I made this morning. After all, this is a blog about cards 🙂

I used one of my two very first stamps (my husband had bought them for me—he probably had no idea what was to come! HA!), and one of my favorite color combinations:

Be Happy!

Thanks for visiting! and If you have any questions please leave a note in my “Contact” page.

Updates on Recent Challenges


I have some good news to share. A day earlier my card at the Runway Inspired Challenge was chosen as one of the winners. For the prize, I get to be a guest designer at their blog for two upcoming challenges! which is quite an honor! You can view the winning card here.

And today, another card was chosen a winner at the Hero Arts monthly challenges. It was quite a pleasant surprise as I didn’t expect it at all. You can view the card here.

My Introduction to Stamping

The very first stamps that I had were two wood block stamps; one said “be Happy” and the other said “Hug!”

My husband bought them for me one time we were at Michaels; he took me there since he knew that I liked crafting, and he wanted me to get some art supplies. I wasn’t sure how to use the stamps, I knew they would have to be inked up somehow, but I didn’t give it much thought at the time. This was back in fall 2010, and until then, my entire knowledge of stamping consisted of small round self-inking toy stamps like this one:


However, a few months later I decided to visit Michaels again and buy some inkpads. There were many different kinds, and I wasn’t sure which one to choose. In the end I settled on a couple that were on clearance. While rummaging in the dollar section I noticed some clear acrylic stamps. At first I didn’t know what they were, then I realized that they were also stamps (it probably said “stamp” on the packaging somewhere), and bought a couple of them.

Back at home I gave the rubber stamps a tryout with the ink pads. I wasn’t quite thrilled with the results, the impressions were very poor (I think the ink pads were juicy enough, they were on clearance after all!) then I decided to try the acrylic stamps. I found them very hard to use (I wasn’t using any blocks!). Then I remembered that Michaels had clear blocks along with the clear stamps (which at the time I was wondering what they were used for) and realized that I should have bought those too. So I was back at Michaels to get some acrylic blocks. I bought one block for each set of stamps, thinking I would have to permanently store the stamps on the blocks!

Sometime later I came across a video in YouTube showing how to make a stamped background image. I noticed that the inkpad the person was using was giving beautiful vibrant impression; such intense colors, nothing like my inkpads. I paused the video a couple of times to get a good look at the name. It said “Close to my heart Exclusive Inks”. So then I searched in that name and found out all about their acrylic stamps and inkpads. I was fascinated by stamps and the beautiful things you can make with them. I stocked myself with Close to my Heart stamps and inks, and was ready to go…making cards and art pieces.