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  1. Hi Tasneem…. I had written to you a few weeks ago. I wanted to know that if I wish to use distress inks on watercolor paper, what kind of water color paper should it be…. Regular or cold press. Would appreciate your response. Thanks and always a pleasure visiting ur blog

    • Hello Saloni,

      Sorry for the late reply. As for your earlier inquiry, i did not intentionally ignore your message. Either I did not receive it, or missed seeing, for I do no recall seeing it. To answer your question, I would need to know what way you intend to use the distress inks. For example, are you using them for stamping, or sponging ink onto paper or for water coloring?

      If you are sponging ink (which is what I mostly do with distress inks) I would recommend Neenah Solar White. Sometimes I spray water after inking a stamp with Distress ink, and it still works fine with Neenah Solar white card stock.

      To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about water color papers. The only kind I have is cold press 120 lb watercolor paper, which works great for water color techniques.

      If you have further inquiries about water color paper and distress inks, I would recommend asking Darlene from She does a lot of work with different kind of coloring and she has some comparison videos of how different inks work with different papers.

      Thanks for visiting mt blog 🙂 I appreciate it very much!


  2. I counted 305 cards here! That’s amazing. At this rate no wonder you are finding difficulty in storing them. But sometimes I feel like I noticed a few cards which are not listed here that were posted in the main page of the blog. Anyway, amazing work!

  3. wow! I love your gorgeous cards! …and that is so awesome to have them displayed like this… beautiful sight! 🙂 thanks so much! and the best to you in the holidays!

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